These two humans!! I just love them.

I first met Lisa & Boban in the fall - we got coffee, talked about their wedding as if it was lightyears away, and shot some amazing engagement photos. And now, here we are! Three weeks after their wedding date and I just can't believe how time flies. Their wedding day was a beautiful sunny and 75 degrees, and we spent the morning tromping through the forest preserve, which actually looks more like a fairytale land in retrospect. It was just so much stinking fun! 

Lisa & Boban are the kind of people you are thankful to have met the moment you meet them. They're full of joy, kindness, encouragement, and are radiating with the love of Christ. Somehow, on their wedding day, they managed to make everyone around them feel loved and appreciated. I'm so thrilled to have been a part of their day and to be able to call them friends.