It's the best thing when two people you love get married.

If you saw their engagement post, you know that Phillip and Ashley are two close friends that I met during many summers working at camp. They are such fun people, always make each other laugh, are so kind, loving and easy going. It was the most perfect, lovely day, and I enjoyed every moment of being a part of it!

The two decided to tie the knot where they first met, at Epworth Forest Conference Center - aka, camp. The ceremony was held at the lakefront and, after some serious rain scares, the weather was absolutely gorgeous all day. Phillip and Ashley planned a casual yet classy ceremony and reception, complete with matching socks, bowties and TOMS. The flowers, created by Pam Scher of Huntington, were absolutely perfect, too! It was pretty much the textbook definition of "shabby-chic."

Phillip helped the boys tie all their bowties (and by help I mean he tied each and every one of them) while the ladies got ready and saw Ashley's dress for the first time. The two settled on a first look which ended up being so much fun! We had a ton of time to walk around camp, take photos, relax and enjoy time with the bridal party before the guests began to arrive.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and ended with Phillip and Ashley serving communion to each one of their guests. On our way to the reception, held at the beautiful Oakwood Resort in Syracuse,  we stopped at Taco Bell ... let me explain. When you work at camp, there aren't many places to hang out or, most importantly, to eat, after hours. So, staffers frequently make trips to Syracuse for late-night Taco Bell. Yes, we know it's horrible for us. Yes, we still think it's delicious. We figured a couple photos at the local Taco Bell would be both memorable and hilarious. I don't know how, but these two managed to make even Taco Bell look cute.

The reception was beautiful, relaxed and fun! Everyone danced and celebrated the two people we all love so much. The decorations were adorable, as was the so-called "naked cake," done by Brock's Cakery. I had never heard of a naked cake before, but I was seriously in LOVE as soon as I saw it! 

All in all, the day was perfect. It was such a joy to spend time with my camp family and to be a part of Phillip and Ashley's day. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Harman. I love you both so much!