The best of friends are made at summer camp. If you've ever worked at one, you know what I mean. You work together, live together, and eat together - you've seen the best of each other and you've seen the worst of each other. You become more like family than friends, and you laugh, a lot. I've been lucky enough to make amazing friends each summer at Epworth Forest CC, and two of those dear friends fell in love and are going to live their happily ever afters together. 

Phillip is a hilarious goof, and Ashley is just about the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. We had so much fun frolicking around our beloved camp site, where the two first met, on a gorgeous fall evening. We teased Phillip about being awkward, but in reality these two were too easy to photograph - their laughs and smiles could not be more genuine. I cannot wait for this wedding and am so excited to be a small part of what will be a beautiful, laughter-and-love-filled day.