Amanda + Michael

Amanda is a friend of mine from college and is just about the sweetest, kindest and most laid back bride I've ever met. And Michael (who I perceived as SUPER shy when we spoke on the phone) is a hilarious goof ball. Their entire day was so lovely and SO full of joy and laughter. I had a ton of fun photographing The now-Pabody's and their closest friends and family. In spite of a little rain - actually, because of the rain (the wedding that was supposed to be held outside was moved) - we were able to snag some portraits outdoors at the Willows on Westfield. Now I won't say we were rejoicing in someone else's rained-on-parade (aka wedding)...but maybe just little bit because this space was gorgeous!! The reception was equally fun and hilarious (Michaels love for dancing is legendary and their DJ was DJKB of the Indiana Pacers, so, yeah...).

Amanda and Michael, I'm SO thrilled for you two and so grateful that you allowed me to capture your incredible day!